Free Divi ScriptBooster Blog Layout 2021

What is Divi Theme?

There is a WordPress theme that allows you to build your website by pick and drop. This theme is included in the top 10 themes. If you need this you can buy this from elegant themes or ScriptBooster ™ for one site license or you can install it from other guys who buy this theme. This theme is SEO friendly and you can install it on any website hosting like HostBooster ™. 

How to buy hosting for Divi?

You can buy hosting from top hosting providers like which allows you to load your site within 2 seconds like Script Booster ™ is hosted at you can buy from others like Hostinger , Name cheap and Bluehost etc. 

How to install the theme?

Simply go to the WordPress website and import your theme, if you’re buying from they will freely install for you for a lifetime with updates. If you are buying from Devi you need to import manually and set up the username and key.

How to import layout?

Simply click on the navigation bar then go to the home page if you want to import the homepage then click edit with Divi. Then scroll down you will find two options save and the arrows simply click on arrows and you will see the errors again at the right side then click on them you will see two options one of them is import and second is export simply click on import then select presets and select the JSON file of the home page and then simply click on import so your page will be imported in 30 seconds you need to wait for that and your page will be imported completely then simply added juice thing you want to edit like the logos and the text it’s me or if you want to import any new color or anything you can simply change from that.

What Included in layout ?

  • Home Page Design
  • All Category Page Design
  • Search Results Page Design
  • ALL Post Page Design
  • 404 Page Design

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