Hostinger India Review (2021) – After 2 Years & 6 Websites


Area For packaging Hostinger was established in 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania. Back then, they referred to as it Hosting Media, that was rebranded to Hostinger in 2011 when reaching the one million user base! Since then, it’s seen consistent growth, and also the last 2-3 years are particularly pleasing for them. As of now, they need twenty nine million users round the globe and 15k new websites ar put in victimization Hostinger each day! Hostinger Asian country is that the Indian version of Hostinger, which may be accessed through allow us to verify an outline of what it offers in its hosting plans! in contrast to the standard cPanel offered by most hosting suppliers, Hostinger marks itself otherwise with hPanel.

hPanel is Hostinger’s custom programme with a contemporary style and simply accessible functions. It offers all the necessary options from DNS Zone Editor to Domains, Email accounts, File Manager, Backups, web site Migrations, App Installer and WordPress Dashboard! Hostinger has created quite heap of enhancements in its hPanel within the previous couple of years. So, change from cPanel to hPanel wouldn’t be a problem! If you wish to edit PHP files on your hosting, cPanel would be a higher alternative. although hPanel will edit PHP files, I in person feel easier with cPanel for PHP. If you wish cPanel, you’ll verify FastComet or ChemiCoud. For this review, I even have tested Hostinger’s Starter Cloud Hosting arrange and also the Shared Business net Hosting arrange on 2 completely different servers- America and Singapore. So, this review are going to be entirely supported the review and testing of those 3 hosting plans: On all the 3 websites, I even have used the OceanWP Theme with a gymnasium templet.Server latency refers to the time period between a user creating letter of invitation and also the server responding to that.

I found the latency of the Singapore Servers to be faster on the Asian locations as well as Singapore, Mumbai, Japan, etc. Whereas, the server latency in Singapore was just three milliseconds!  On the America Servers, the latency was larger for the Asian countries however terribly swift for locations as well as America, London, Canada, Germany, etc. Overall, the server speeds of Hostinger for each America and Singapore Servers were admirable, and that i baby-faced no issues with them! Page Loading Speed refers to the time needed for a webpage to fully load on your screen. in step with analysis done by sign in 2019, web site conversion rates visit a mean of four.42% with every extra second of load time (between seconds 0-5). Now, allow us to cross-check however our websites performed on this issue. Talking regarding the Singapore servers, I received a page load speed of one.56 sec on my Shared Hosting web site. Well, this is often quite spectacular, considering I even have associate Elementor-based web site. I conjointly tested the page load speed of my Starter Cloud Hosting web site on Singapore servers. The results showed a load speed of one.09 sec on Hostinger Cloud Hosting. The big apple servers provide exceptional speeds.

I tested my Shared hosting web site on the America Servers and does one understand, it loaded in barely 778 ms! Overall, I found the page load speeds to be quite spectacular on each the servers for a budget hosting supplier. web site time period is that the time period that your web site remains on-line and accessible to individuals. time period may be a crucial issue for any business as a result of a nasty time period will usually end in loss of your customers! Ideal time period ought to be higher than ninety nine.9%. If the web site is up ninety nine.9% of the time, it means that the entire time period are going to be of 43m 49s in a very month. I even have been observation the time period of my websites for the past six months victimization the higher time period tool. It checks the time period of my websites each thirty seconds. Let’s cross-check however they performed. within the last 256 days, my web site has been on-line for ninety nine.88% of the time. There has been no time period within the last month, that is considerable.

Last twelve months average uptime: From the twenty seven incidents of time period within the last year, the longest one stretched to two hours and twenty one minutes, that was really my fault!  I had tweaked some DNS settings that had resulted in my web site being down for a protracted time! within the last 258 days, my web site has been out there for ninety nine.93% of your time and also the time period has solely been four hours and nine minutes! The time period of the US-based servers is superb. Last twelve months average uptime: within the last year, there are forty five incidents of time period, however they need not lasted for a protracted period, that is nice. Overall, the time period of the America servers is spectacular. But, the Singapore servers may be improved.

Note – I do have the active arrange of Hostinger shared hosting and I’ll update the time period often on this text.

Load Testing may be a method of analysing the performance and potency of a code by exposing it to real-life conditions. For this take a look at, I sent fifty virtual users on every of my websites to examine however they handle giant traffic. Around 7.5k requests were created on the Singapore servers at a time.

however amazingly, there have been no communications protocol failures and no major hikes were witnessed within the server latency either! The America Servers offered a fair higher performance! Over ten.8k requests were created by virtual users on my web site. you’d be afraid to understand that there have been still zero communications protocol failures! This performance is totally nice for a shared hosting! Overall, the America servers performed far better associated had associate unbeatable load handling capacity! Hostinger has an in-built cache manager which will be enabled from the user dashboard. It boosts the speed of your web site, thus, providing a higher expertise to your viewers! Hostinger uses the LiteSpeed Servers, that conjointly provides you access to the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. it’s a free plugin that you just will use to enhance your web site speeds.


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