How to buy domain from Lvato

Welcome back to Lvato Hosting. Today we will learn how to buy domain names from Lvato Hosting, it’s very simple. Just follow the below steps and buy a domain name from Lvato Hosting.

You can buy a domain from us with Easypaisa, JazzCash, Perfect Money, or Crypto.

Before placing a domain order you need to create an account for Lvato Hosting, please follow the below article for creating an account.

How To Create an Account On Lvato Hosting

After account creation follows the below :

Steps for domain registration

  • Step 1: Go To lvato hosting
  • Step 2: Enter the Domain name which you want to buy
  • Step 3: Press the Register button now so you can see whether the domain is available or not. If the domain name is not registered by any person before then it will show the domain is available.
  • Step 4: Press the add to cart and then the checkout button.
  • Step 5: Now Check the Id protection field is free & Enter your own nameservers.Step 6: Click to Continue Button then click to checkout.
  • Step 7: If you already register then log in otherwise fill out the form.Step 8: Select Payment Gateway and Complete Order.

Now you need to pay the amount, Your domain will be activated once payment is confirmed.

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