How To Install Currency Exchange Script

How To Install Currency Exchange Script

What is a Currency Exchanger Script?

Currency Exchanger is a beautiful PHP script that allows user to exchange their international currency for their local or required currency. In this script, user can sell their currencies to the admin & buy from the admin. Admin can set fees on every currency. 

How Currency Exchanger Script?

Today we are showing you how can you easily install our currency exchanging script.

Follow up steps and you can easily install your script successfully.

Simple steps are given below!

First step

Buy the Script From ScriptBooster TM. Download script then uploads this script to your hosting.

Second step

Extract script in your hosting.

 And move the files to a dictionary.

Third step

Now create an SQL database and create a SQL user and choose a password.

Strong because if you choose any hacker who cannot hack your website we suggest you choose some symbols and Science in your password so this will be a very strong password. Then connect the user to the database.

Fourth step

Now open your domain with /install.php

Now, in this step, you can install your website script.

Now paste here your license key which is provided by a script to start org in your read me file.

Now verify the key and click next.

Next step

Put your details here and fill the smokey by script booster which provides.

Now click on next and your script will be installed successfully.

Thanks for reading my article so I think it will help you Tu to install your script.

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