How To Make Hyip Website Using Gold Coders Script

Do you want to know how to make a website? Do you want to make money online by creating your HYIP website?
In this post, We will not only talk about how to make a website but also show you the best HYIP software to create your HYIP website.

What is hyip?

Hyip is known as the High Yield Investment Program. It is very risky to invest in an HYIP website most HYIP promise a good profit of about 20 to 40 % in a term like yearly or monthly and the average age of the HYIP website is 6 months to 2 years.

What is the hyip script?

Hyip or High Yield Investment Program Script is the software that runs on the server end to handle client data and actions
Like: Payments, Profit, Investment & more actions from the client and admin like login and settings.

Most popular hyip script?

There are many HYIP software but no one can cross the popularity of Hyip Manager Pro By Gold Coders. There are many HYIP investment software for HYIP websites.
Like: Hyip King, Viser Hyip, Hyip GoldCoders.

Tools need to launch own hyip website


A domain name or Domain connects your website server to your user. Most of the domains are registered under ICANN Registrar at a yearly fee.
If you need a domain you can buy it at a lower price of 10.99 $ / per year from
There are many other domain registrars.
Like: Lvato, Go daddy, Name Cheap, etc…
Read more about how to buy a domain from Lvato

Web Hosting

Web Hosting or Hosting is a remote server to save data online and it is accessible in the world from anywhere.
For Hyip Website We recommend you to buy from lvato hosting platform as it is tested on our server:
There are many other domain registrars.
Like: Lvato Hosting, Name Cheap, etc…


The script is an engine of the hyip website it provides functionality to handle investment and clients as we saw above there are many scripts and sites, and companies offering hyip scripts. In the online market, there are two versions of gold coder’s hyip script.
1) Has auto deposit and withdrawal system it is very costly it cost you around 200 $
2) Has Manual Deposit and Withdrawal System mean Admin need to click to activate deposit and withdraw other things are same including the functionality of script price of manual script is around 35 $ in the market but you can buy the script with 1month support from ScriptBooster Website Offered By Abdul Rehman.
Price: 25$/Unlimited Sites


The theme is the body of the website here is the theme or template for the hyip gold coders script

Installation and Setup

How to Install Hyip Script

After Buying all tools follow the steps to install the script
a) Login to Cpanel
b) Open The Database, Php Selector, File Manager in a new window
c) Upload script using file manager and extract it
d) Select PHP 5.6 Using Php Selector
e) Create a new database and user then connect them
f) Open yourwebsite/install.php
g) Fill in the details & install

How to Install Hyip Theme

a) Delete tmpl folder from your website
b) Upload theme using file manager and extract it
c) Clear cache from tmpl_c folder & Done

How to Setup Hyip Website

a)Login to the admin panel then go to plans then edit plans
b)Go to processing and setup them
c)Go to Settings then change the site URL to HTTPS, do the settings

Now your website is ready to launch just start sharing your website link to friends and users online.

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