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What Is hosting?

When a person stores a file on a pc and then you can access this from all over the world we say it hosting. The person will be called the name hosting provider and pc will call by a web server. What is the domain I will explain in a separate post? And then I will explain this in full detail
Now just take an algorithm in which we convert an IP address to text form.

What Is hosting Business?

As I explained the hosting & about the hosting provider so some hosting providers like Lvato and others they provide the hosting to you from their own data center you know the Google data center you now will Google store his all data of his customers and their office and their products. so these people by their own data centers like a have their data center and ResellerClub and others more so they take it as a hosting business so there simply sale a hosting I mean they permit you to store files of some GB for TB in their server and they charge for it from you.


So, you can simply start your own hosting business like them. This is very easy to start a hosting business at home and you can easily create a mess amount of profit from it and you do not need any data center for it I will explain in the next paragraph to you but now you think around if you sell the hosting around hundred accounts you can easily charge for on them for one year hundred accounts 1200 $ And if you go with own server fully dedicated server reseller this will around charge for one year around if you go with the reseller around $100 to $300. If you go with the VPS it will cost you around $500 to $800 and we will not recommend you to start with 800 dollars hosting you need to go with the seller and who the seller is giving your best and quality. 

How to start?

And if you want to start your hosting you just need to go to Reseller Provider or VPS provider or dedicated server provider. If you want to create your own data center you need to go to the market and purchase the parts. I will not recommend you start with VPS and a fully dedicated server because this cost you more than you earn from your customer so I will recommend you to go with the reseller intrasellar if you go with the // ResellerClub and other more because they are best if you go with the horse booster I will explain you the parts why you need to choose the below.

What does Lvato Offer For Startup Plan?

  • 2 Website
  • DISK 10 GB SSD Samsung
  • DATA 40 Bandwidth
  • EMAIL 20 Emails
  • ACCOUNTS 20 FTP Accounts
  • Seamless Upgrades
  • Free SSL
  • Performance Optimized
  • Free sPanel
  • Easy 1-click-installer
Latest cPanel MySQL 5.6 400 + Software’s
 CloudLinux latest phpMyAdmin latest Joomla, Prestashop ,WordPress +
 PHP 5.3 TO 8.0 FTP Supported Zend Engine
Python latest MSSQL Stored Procedures ionCube Loader
Start Now!

Free Video Offer Lvato?

Yes, offers you free videos after your order on how to control and how make sells everything you want live videos. Create from your site when they set up for you and provide you. No one offers you this thing.

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