Telegram Cloud Storage Review (2021) – FREE Unlimited cloud storage?

Cloud Storage services make our lives such tons easier, right? Today, I’m here with another popular cloud storage – Telegram Cloud.

I know, you would like to be wondering when Telegram launched its cloud storage! Well, keep reading to hunt out out!

In this article, i’m doing the Telegram Cloud Review. For this review, I even have tested its upload and download speeds, playback features, privacy policy, security and encryption methods, and its interface on all devices.

Today, I’m going to reveal some shocking facts about Telegram Cloud Storage. I’ve tested plenty of cloud storage services and honestly, I’m unsure if we should always always actually call it a cloud storage within the least .

Why am I saying that? Let’s find that decision at our review .

What is Telegram Cloud?

Telegram could also be a cloud-based instant messaging service which can be accessed on multiple platforms. Durov Brothers created it in 2013.

It has its headquarters in London, while the foremost development team is in Dubai.

Telegram allows you to store a huge amount of data on its server, including a spread of file types like audio files, video files, documents, messages, contacts, and locations – all for free!

We ask this functionality of Telegram as Telegram Cloud, which has been making a buzz within the market recently!

How to use Telegram as a Cloud Storage?

Unlike Google Drive, pCloud, Icedrive, and other dedicated cloud storage services, Telegram doesn’t provide you with a separate interface to store your files.

You can access Telegram Cloud from the Telegram messenger itself. All you’d wish to attempt to to is sign up on Telegram along side your mobile number. Your chats would work as cloud storage.

There are 3 ways to access Telegram Cloud. Let me show you ways to travel about them intimately .

1. Through Saved Messages

The ‘Saved Messages’ folder is visible on your messenger screen by default.

Alternatively, if you forward a message/file from any chat, you will get the selection to share it to your saved messages folder.

2. By Creating a Bot

Step 1: Type in ‘Botfather’ within the Telegram search bar.

Step 2: Select the first result and click on on on Start.

Step 3: Click on the command ‘/newbot’

Step 4: a reputation for your bot then specify a singular username.

Your bot is formed and you will access it from the provided link.

By creating a private channel

Step 1: Click on the new message icon and choose the ‘New Channel’ option.

Give a name and add an overview for your channel.

Step 2: Now, choose the ‘Private Channel’ option and do not choose any contacts.

Your Private Channel are getting to be created. Now you’ll use it many |to avoid wasting”> to save lots of lots of your personal data on the Telegram Cloud.

Telegram Cloud: Storage Limit

They claim to provide unlimited space for storing to their users for free of charge of charge . But the individual file limit is 2 GB. Unlimited Storage is that the first reason it has been a source of attraction for people. But is it genuine? do i really get ‘unlimited space for free’? Keep reading to hunt out out!

Telegram Cloud: Security

Telegram Cloud implements decent security practices. allow us to see out what they’re .

Data Encryption

Telegram uses the MTProto Protocol to encrypt your data. it’s their own encryption method that’s believed to provide better speeds. Though, all of your messages and uploaded files are stored in encrypted form, only private chats are secured with zero-knowledge encryption. The encryption keys for your data on Telegram Cloud are stored on a special server which also belongs to Telegram. This means that Telegram’s staff or engineers, employees, etc can’t read your messages, but Telegram, as an organization , can do that because they have access to your encryption keys! If you prefer extra security, you’ll inspect Icedrive, which provides zero knowledge encryption with its paid plans.

Security Audits

Telegram has undergone security audits by Security experts and researchers. But, unlike Wire and Signal, it isn’t been audited by a correct 3rd party cybersecurity firm yet!

Telegram Cloud: Speeds

I tried uploading and downloading an 845 MB video file with a network speed of 100 MB/s and these are the results!

Upload Time: 12 min

Download Time: 15 min

I think these speeds are terribly slow. Even Treasure Cloud, a cloud storage that I recently reviewed, performed much better despite being zero knowledge!

Telegram Cloud: Sync

Because Telegram supports multi-device access, your data always remains synced across all devices that you simply simply use. However, unlike pCloud, you’re doing not get advanced features like Selective Sync and Block-level Sync.

Telegram Cloud: Sharing

Telegram doesn’t provide a sharing functionality which is that the key feature of any cloud storage. In order to share files via Telegram, the receiver must have an account on Telegram also , which isn’t a very convenient option. It doesn’t allow creating download links either! To enjoy advanced sharing options like upload permissions, password protection, link expiry date and link stats, you’ll inspect pCloud Storage.

Telegram Cloud: Backups

Telegram stores all files and messages on your cloud chats to their servers. So your data always remains safe albeit your device is lost, and you will access it anywhere and anytime.

Should You Use Telegram?

Well, it would be a free service offering unlimited cloud space. But without decent upload and download speeds, what’s the use of unlimited space at all? ‘Unlimited’ and ‘Free’ are just a bunch of attractive words. Nothing comes without a price . In my opinion, you need to not use Telegram as a cloud storage, including for storing your important data! Yes, it supports apps for mobile and desktop which simplifies transferring files between multiple devices. But there are better services that let you transfer large files for free of charge of charge . Some examples might be Tresorit Send, or pCloud Transfer, etc.

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