Privacy Policy

All general details about our privacy policy.


Lvato, a privately owned company specializes in providing web hosting, domain name registration, and related products and services. In this Privacy Policy, references to “Lvato,” “we,” “us,” or “our” pertain to Lvato, the entity responsible for safeguarding your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy (“Data Controller”).

All personal data processing is conducted in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”), and we adhere to the relevant Privacy Shield Frameworks, established in collaboration with the Swiss Administration. While we are based in Pakistan, our servers are located world wide and we welcome customers from around the world.
For any questions regarding this Policy or any requests regarding the processing of personal data, please contact us at


We use, store, combine and process information, including personal information, about you to provide, understand, improve, and develop the Lvato Platform, create and maintain a trusted and safer environment and comply with our legal obligations.

[2.1] To Identify. Personal identification information is collected and processed for the purposes of User identification as well use of services and domain name registration. Additionally, this information may be used to provide Users with support, letting them know about upcoming updates or improvements, providing information regarding changes of any Terms of Use (including changes to this Policy) as well as other important information.

[2.2] To Create and Maintain Trusted Environment. We verify or authenticate information or identifications provided by you (such as ID number, email or phone numbers). We also use collected information to detect and prevent fraud, spam, abuse, security incidents, and other illegal and harmful activities.

[2.3] To provide, operate and improve the Services.
[2.4] To Send Service and Billing Messages.
[2.5] To Register Domain.
[2.4] To contact you.
[2.5] To enhance data security and to prevent fraud.
[2.6] To comply with applicable laws and regulations.


We collect specific information based on different use cases and platforms within our organization, each serving distinct purposes. Please note that the data we collect varies across our platforms and services.

[3.1] (Main Website):

Our main website,, does not employ tracking mechanisms or cookies.

[3.2] Lvato Hosting Platform (

On our hosting platform,, we use cookies specific to for user authentication and session management. No additional tracking mechanisms are employed.

[3.2.1] Data Collection Sources:

We collect data from various sources, including:

Login Information: Information related to user login and account access.
Billing Information: Details required for billing and invoicing purposes.
Registration Information: Information provided during the registration process.
Chat: Conversations conducted through Messages for customer support and communication.
Emails: Communication via email, including support requests, inquiries, and notifications.

[3.2.2] Identity Verification:

We do not actively perform identity verification. However, it’s important to note that ICANN or registrars may request identity verification on when domains have any issue like termination or suspension by provider, Registrar or ICANN. In such cases, we do not retain the verification data.

[3.4] Data Collection Sources (Global):
While chating or getting support at support channels we collect your data which is used to verify orders, accounts or may used for support.
Chat: Conversations conducted through Messages Channels for global customer support and communication.
Emails: Communication via email, including global support requests, inquiries, and notifications.

This information collection is essential for the proper execution of contractual agreements between you and us, as well as for compliance with legal obligations. Should you choose to delete or object to the processing of any of this data, please be aware that it may result in the deactivation of your Lvato Account.