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How you can easily make your own UC & BP generator blogger website for a PUBG Mobile. Free of cost so we need something you need first of all Google account and Blogger account then nothing but a script.
So, you can easily download our script download from the link below for making this website on blogger. First of all and open that file and add some footer and Header credits. So when you open file 2 then press Ctrl + F and search for footer or script booster you will go to footer credits and change it on your name then open your browser then type blogger and then go to blogger.
After opening the blogger sign in and create a new domain by filling in your site name and domain name and when you create the domain if you want to monetize it go to settings and add your third party admin like your onset domain like yoursite.com for anything not like a yoursite.blogspot.com. and configure it and then connect the domain and your blogger website to it now the
In the final step of our site so go to your theme section and click on edit then choose first-generation themes when you choose the first generation theme the automatically the bar is active so we need to turn off Navbar so click to click to turn off navbar so this will turn off so now.
So, when you do this next step to import our HTML to it so far that you are about to method simply to click import backup or I will recommend you the second option because this will remove all your first settings and this will allow you to use our maximum support with our theme.
So for that, you need to just click the edit with active HTML. When you click the edit page with HTML, this will open your site edit option. Now when you open this page then click Ctrl + A to select all. So, Now press Delete to clear all. Then open the file which you downloaded. Press Ctrl + A Then Press Ctrl + C. This will copy all data in your clipboard .and now paste with Ctrl + V and save the theme.

So now I will tell you how you can easily customize it. You need to go back to edit with the HTML page so when you go to that page you need to edit like our main heading. so search for our heading for searching Ctrl + F.
When you do this then go to your site and copy the text which you want to change and paste to the bar then press enter you will find the search result in your side text then simply change that to which you want and then save so how can you easily customize the text.
The same process with Ads for pictures you can easily change that with the search for gif ads there so this will page the GIF images and the same with the search for PNG this will open the PNG images and so you can easily change any text which you want and for changing the color you can easily change that because I do not waste any encrypted text in there so you can easily set up that so, first of all, I want to change the text of my heading our way to go to my heading Dev then my heading tag like H1 H2.
So then I will their style=” color:#000;” then say so this will change my color of heading into black color this is a simple step you can easily add anything you want so if you want to other colors you can go to color picker and a copy the text like #0123 or something #oA1B1. If you want to upload your images on blogger go to create a simple post and upload your PNG images and right-click on it and change it to full size then right-click again and copy the image address then copy when you copy the email address to go back to your theme and appears to tag like <img src=’yourimageurl’ >

So you can paste your image like this if you want to position your image in the center so you will need to like this: <center><img src=’yourimageurl’ ></center>. This will give the position to your image in the center.

 so if you want to change the image size or width or border so you need to give the style code here if I want to give border-radius to our image I will use this <img style=”border-radius:12px;” src=’yourimageurl’ >

This will give the border-radius to our image so for the border, you can simply post the border:2px solid color ;

Just paste it like style equal apostrophe border:  px state of the border like dotted solid slashed then our border color and then sign off;

This will give color to our border and border size and border style like dotted and solid.

So this is how you can easily customize an all the codes and everything and if you want to give your site you are channel link you can also give it there because there is a subscribe button and verify button you can paste your verify the return to your site for redirecting to your site so this is how you can easily customize the and make a site for UC and BP Generator for PUBG Mobile.

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